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    Anyone have a comprehsnsive list of ## commands for the Sprint Treo 600?

    On another forum I read that you could force the treo to Roam on 850hHz (limited to the PRL) by using the ##CDMA command and that ##PCS would make the phone only stay on 1900 mhz.

    Well, since I have done this (tried both ways), my Treo will not roam at 800 mhz anymore. This week I took a trip to someplace in the past I have always had a great digital roam signal on VZW, and this trip I had NO signal. (my PRL has not changed). I examined the ##DEBUG screen and watch it searched, and the phone NEVER tried 800 MHZ, only 1900mHZ which leads me to believe I have hosed it.

    I tried soft and hard resetting, but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas?
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    ##DUAL. Also make sure the digital roaming checkbox is checked in phone preferences.
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    Is there a list of commands for Verizon...? Does ##dual work on them (I wouldn't think so).

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