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    I have taken a few pictures of people but when I try to add them using the photo picker in Agendus the pictures are no where to be found. I see folders but no pictures.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    bump. ive been wondering the same thing.
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    Iambic support got back with me. You need to make sure that the pictures are on the SD card. the Picture software will allow you to transfer them. Once they're there, they show up with no problem in Agendus.
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    thanks, wheine!
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    The aspect ratio (horizontal:vertical ratio) used by Agendus does not match with Treo 600's built-in camera. Portraits look strange once I load them into Agendus... skewed somehow.

    Any ideas on the actual aspect ratio?
    Any Agendus developers out there?
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    I am a datebook5 user, but want photos. Have been looking at EasyAddress. I would like it all in one program. In Agendus, can you click on the photo and have it take up the whole screen so you can see it better (EasyAddress does not do this).

    Also, one of the must I have on Datebook5 is the ablitiy to put an Icon and color on an event, then only those events show up on my year view and they are color coded. Does Agendus do this?


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    You can use Datebook5 icons in Agendus (or draw your own with Agendus' built-in icon editor) and associate an icon to a specific event. Better yet, you can use the Vivid Agenda option -- just define certain icons to keywords (e.g. meeting, dinner, etc) and Agendus will automatically use the icon for events that use those keywords.

    The icons will show up in day, week and month views, but not 1/4 year views. There's a separate window in the 1/4 year view that shows today's to do and appointments - the icons will show up there.

    Hope it helps.

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