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    I need help bad...
    I am having a problem with my Treo 600. When I try to connect to the web it tells me ( preparing for vision) your phone must be configured for vision and then it says that it will take a few. I hit ok to configure it. then it says "connecting to sprint provisioning" and then after a minue or 2 it changes to "canceling" then after a min or so it says update incomplete ... has anyone had this problem?
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    Try this. Go to the application launcher (key with house on it), select the "Prefs" application. Go to "Network" and make sure it says "PCS Vision" in the service, and NOT "Sprint Provisioning".
    Then go to Blazer and see if you can surf
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    I checked and it says sprint provisioning... how so I change it?
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    THere is an arrow next to it, tap it with your finger or your stylis, then you should have a list of choices, most likely two. Choose the PCS Vision one.
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    Another thing to check is your password - it has to match. If it does not match, then the provisioning routine will give you the same error message. My first Treo was replaced last week due to a network connection problem. After I picked up the replacement, I restored it using the SD card. It then wanted to do the provision thing and I allowed it to do so - it sat for about 30 minutes. Upon closer examination, there was no password being sent by the Treo. I set the password in the PREFs area under network and it immediately connected and everything done in about 10 seconds. Ben
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    has any body gotten soundpic to work yet on the sprintpcs phone if so please sent reply
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    Burk when I tried to pull the arrow down the only thing in there is sprint provisioning..
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    BClinger how do I change the password?
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    It's not too difficult. Here we go:
    I always have a soda next to me. So with that ready, from the launcher, select "preferences" or "prefs" then select network, (should show your service, mine is PCS Vision or sometimes it may be PCS blind), then user name and password are displayed. To modify these settings, tap "modify" and acknowledge the OK prompt concerning Network Edit. It will then show "Unlocked" and at that point, you can change the uesr name and/or password. After that is done, then tap "OK" and it will return you to the previous network screen and then connect (or disconnect or whatever is displayed and reconnect then). If it is a password or user problem that should take care of it.

    During my problems, the user name was never a problem (problems be what they are). The password has had to be altered each time the previous handheld was provisioned (from my notes that has been three times - first when purchased and it was the same situation as this - four hours of nothing then after looking around I found the password was empty and like this time, once the password was entered, it worked immeditately) and then twice just before trading the original in for this one and once with this replacement device. Gosh, a lot of words typed.

    If you do not know what the password is, then contact your service provider.
    Take care. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by nelsito
    Burk when I tried to pull the arrow down the only thing in there is sprint provisioning..
    You'll need to the provisiong working first to set up the PCS Vision
    You may have to take it to the SprintPCS store and have a VISION TECH look at it.
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    ok kool i'll try that
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    Nelsito, I little more background please.

    I ASSUME that you never had this (PCS Vision) setup and never were able to surf on the Treo?

    That either you just got the Treo, or you just updated the FIRMWARE?

    Or was everhthing just fine and one day you could not surf anymore?

    ANyway, the VISION TECH can get you going at least. Then we can go from there..

    When you get it going, then we can get your PCS email working and be sent to your Treo, as well as alerts when you get email from certain people or accounts.
    Let us know..

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