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    I've posted this idea a couple of times before, but I thought I'd formalize it in it's own thread.

    I am an MP3 tagging nerd (real ODC type stuff). I love Pocket Tunes and use my Treo 600 as the center of my portable music universe. Unfortunately, there are no skins (or other MP3 players for that matter) that support the full capabilities of MP3 tags, to the best of my knowledge.

    I really like the look of the "High Fidelity low res" skin. So that's a good place to start.

    Here's what I want in a skin:

    Slick, classy visualization (no rainbow colors, but no white and blue only). Like I said, High Fidelity Low res is a good start. Obviously, the more user selectible options for the look of the skin, the better. Customization is good.

    I would LOVE for there to be a clock on the skin. I would like for there to be a user selectible size trade-off between the song time and clock time. For instance, I would like to have the song time big and the clock time small, but someone else might want to flip that. I also like to be able to see the total track time.

    I don't want to see a track progress bar. I fell this is uneccessary if the song time and total track time are dsiplayed. I feel a track progress bar is a waste of space.

    Other items to display would be Stereo or Mono, bitrate, sampling rate, battery life. (Like in High Fidelity low res)

    Tag Features (very important!)
    I would like a skin that has a preference menu that allows me to decide what tags I want to display and what order. The tagging options in Music Match Jukebox are great and that's the kind of selection I'm looking for (although I don't know if anyone ever uses tags like "lyrics" or if they could be included, but I wouldn't complain). Here are the essential tags I'd like access to:

    • Artist
      Album Art (graphic) (THIS IS THE ONE I NEED!!!!!)
      Track Title
      Track Number
      Release Year

    I don't want to see huge control buttons on the screen. I rarely use them, so I feel it to be a waste of valuable screen space. I prefer to use the 5-way nav buttons as controls (up/down for vol, left/right for track skipping, hold left/right for FF and RW). Small control buttons are best.

    I'm seriously considering making my own skin, but I really don't have the time. So if there is a skin designer who agrees with my suggestions, I would be willing to pay (or donate) to have access to the tag display options I described.

    If I do find the time to make my own skin, I will definietly post it.

    Anyone have any desires they'd like to add to this list. Comments are welcome.

    Mose G
    We'll overcome you using our technology.
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    Upon further research, it looks like many of the features I want are not possible in Pocket Tunes (at least not using the skin designer program they provide). It looks like I could add a clock to the Hi_Fi low res skin pretty easily, and if I wanted to pull out the progress bar and make smaller controls, I could do that too. But without the ability to display more tag info, I don't really need that extra screen space.

    Pocket Tunes does not support all of the standard ID3 tags. I'm going to follow this up with them and see if they can offer any support. I don't see any reason why they couldn't add commands to access the rest of the ID3 tags that are readily available.

    If anyone else is interested in these tagging features, please help me in urging Normsoft to include them. Go to:

    and let them know.

    We'll overcome you using our technology.

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