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    If i'm using verichat for MSN Messenger, does it use my unlimited data, or sms? I can't remember where I read but I've read that if the program is running and you chat while in the program then it is data, but the initial message sent to you is an sms.

    So if this is true, would my solution to not leave verichat alwasy signed on and disconnect as soon as I leave keep me from using sms and only use data plan to chat?
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    No one responded to this and I have the same question. (The search function is our friend when you are new to a site.)

    I'd like to use my unlimited data to chat and not incur SMS charges. Is there a way to do that? Verichat?
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    i believe version 2.0 can be set up to use only data and not sms.

    in the previous version (1.9x), if you werent in verichat when you got immed you would get an sms that would be intercepted by verichat and displayed.

    so suerte, your plan should work if you still have 1.9x.
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