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    Can anyone assist me with creating visible directories on on SD card?
    My Treo 600 has File Prog and Filez, but I am unable to create any visible directories on my card.

    On another note, I just confirmed with Cingular that their Lockline insurance does not cover the treo, so if your paying for it, call Cingular and they will refund your payments

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    From the launcer (default maybe), can you "copy" applications to the SD card? Having not had the "no visible directories" syndrome and a user of Filez, I have nothing to add there. do you have an external card reader? I use one for moving files around on occasion. Attached are jpg's of my SD card file structure.
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    bclinger - thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nobug
    bclinger - thanks.
    hey guys,
    Do you know how I can install a program on my SD card to the treo 600?

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