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    Hi, after the trial period I will be discontinuing pcs vision mainly to keep my monthly costs down. Is there someway I can get wireless email for a few dollars a month. If so, which companies are best/inexpensive? I don't know if this matters but I have a mac.
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    How are you going to connect to the internet? If you just want to check emails, I am assuming you will just use your regular air time to connect and fetch emails. If so, can you see if SnapperMail would work for you?
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    I also have just bought the Treo 600 w/ Verizon service (unlimited data). I've tried but am not entirely successful using the e-mail function. I can view the e-mail (hotmail and aol account) but (1) it takes a very long time to access the accounts through the browser and (2) so far I haven't been successful in composing and sending an email message. How do I shorten the time to read email and how do I compose email messages?

    I also have been reading about PoP3 and IMAt and Snapper Mail and Verizon Mobil Solutions for e-mail. Also I just finished reading about Intel Sync software that can integrate email, calendar etc through Verizon. What are they and how do work?



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