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    Quote Originally Posted by Garp

    I'll try re-installing later. I should add that this was a fresh install of Phone Technician, prior to downloading version 1.1 yesterday I had never had Phone Technician installed.

    Also when I deleted Phone Technician it clearly left some remnants behind, as the Treo would continue to turn Wireless mode on when I reset it after the un-install. I used Filez to remove a remaining file and that seemed to clear it up.

    How are you deleting it?
    It is the main (PhoneTechnician.prc) file which turns on wireless after a reset. If it's managing this - then it hasn't been deleted.
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    You are right. I just reinstalled, set Wireless mode, and then deleted it, and Wireless mode does not come on after the reset. I must have done something wrong last night. The delete does leave behind a file named Phone Technician_r?????

    I haven't played with Funky Tones again, I'll try that later and see if i can reproduce the problem
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    I just re-installed, and can repeat the issue. I went into Funky Tones, and set it to "Midi", repeat tone four times, and Increase volume. i had the Ringer switched off. if i call the phone, it vibrates, but the answer and ignore buttons are not responding. If I hang up the inbound call, the screen goes back to the phone app, and all my pokes at the answer buttons get some kind of delayed entry and show up register as # and * in the dial string.

    Also if I try to go back into the Funky Tones settings, it resets and sets the same error as I gave above.
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    Phone Technician is an absolute essential for my Treo 600.

    After a reset the PT 1.1 main screen appears. It seems to me in previous beta versions after a reset PT turned the wireless on tranparently and left me at my regular phone screen?

    Is the appearance of the PT main screen after a reset by design now or is there an option selection I've missed? I'm running a registered 1.1.

    ****** RESOLUTION ***************************************
    Since Butler 1.92 is the most recent version, I upgraded from Butler 1.8 and voila the appearance of Phone Technician 1.1's main screen after a soft reset has dissappeared.

    I'm not sure if it was an incongruity between the two versions of these two fine utilities or if it was just fixed by the debug reset (up button held during a reset) that we're advised to do when uninstalling Butler?


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    I know this is going to sound really stupid, but I installed the two prc files, but nothing shows up in the launcher program, and I don't see it in the Prefs program either - How do you find the program to start it?
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    Did you look for Technician? That's how it's listed I believe.
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