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    I just purchased and installed Lightwav 3.0, and I am having a MAJOR problem. I installed all 3 files per the manual and placed some MP3's on my SD card. When I load up Lightwav it finds the MP3's with no problem, but when I goto hit "play" nothing happens. I tried this on all of the tabs in Lightwav, and nothing plays. I have PocketTunes 2.3.2 installed (the palm freebie ver), and it has no problem playing the MP3's that are on my SD card. Has anybody else had this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    So 78 people looked at this, and nobody can help????
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    The only thing I can think of is you are using a demo version of Lightwav. But you said you purchased it so that can't be it. The demo version of Lightwav won't play Mp3 files larger than 1 MB.

    Since the 78 people who looked at this thread can't help you perhaps the one person who can is Danny from Toysoft the developer of Lightwav. You might have better luck sending a e-mail directly to their support address via the Toysoft web site.
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    I had the demo ver of 2.3 on there but I deleted it before I loaded the 3.0 ver that i bought. think that could have caused a problem?
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    Did you disable the old version before deleting it?

    Could be.

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