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    I don't know about you guys but I am an average guy who works nine - to - five and usually am pretty busy after that until its time to go play in the streets late at night. Fellas, here's the scenario:
    its a jumping friday night and you're at the club looking TOO good! You run across these two females and I don't know what you say but before you know it, they're both putty over you. At this moment, you're not sure if what's happening is real or if its even gonna last, so your main concern is to get a pic so u can show your boys because you know they're not gonna believe you. Low and behold, you break out your mighty, "keep-the-girls-jocking", chick magnet and you're worst enemy enters the room.............DARKNESS! What do you do?

    Point is, it would be nice to have an external flash that could connect to the Treo 600 via serial, for those moments when light isn't on your side!
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    Dude, you don't need a flash, you need a shrink ;-)

    But yes, I'd like an external flash.
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    Yes, the lack of a flash does degrade the camera feature IMO. In a prior post someone noted that an LED keychain light would work to bring some light to the subjects. I've purchased a couple in an effort to find the best one and they do offer a little help. I think the online one's may be better than the one's I'm finding in the stores.

    Here is the thread:
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    I suspect that, if you had your Treo in the dark (and it tried to lighten things up like it usually does), and you zapped a flash and took a picture, the picture would be washed out or too bright. Unless the Treo camera KNEW that a flash was coming and didn't try to adjust the brightness itself. Wonder if Cameratest would help?
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    The problem I see with Cameratest is that you could not easily adjust the lighting down when you don't need it. You would have to manually adjust the settings back.

    I've been testing BrightCam for lightening up darker indoor pics and it does improve the pics!

    P.S. Eric, I like your homepage and how your pictures are setup by title. Do you have twins?
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    Thanks GeekyMom! Been putting pics up on the web for years; just started blogging with textamerica recently (that's fun!). And yes we do have twins - a blessing!
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    I don't know about an external flash. I have enough gear to carry around.

    Maybe a flash could be incorporated into a replacement antenna. What's more important... calling the girl or taking a pix? Hhhmm.
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    I don't know... but the way I see it, even with a flash, the pix would not improve much. Heck, even in bright daylight the pix don't amount to much! What we need is a better camera on the treo (preferably 1.3 megapixels) AND a night mode with a built-in flash! That would knock the socks off the competition

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