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    From time to time (once a week) it seems when charging my Treo it hard resets and I loose everthing till I hot sync. Is there a way to back up to a memory card and if so how big a card should handle it?

    thank you
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    To back up to SD card, you need at least 64meg or more. The larger the card, the more backup copies you can store.

    Anyway, it seems like that either your connection port or cable has a problem that causes the T600 to reset.

    I have had that problem before and was able to trace it to the cable. I replace it and its fine now. If it is the port or the internal parts that helps charge and monitor battery level, the phone may need to be replaced.
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    thanks getting a new chargering cable but how did you back up to the sd disk?
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    I use BackupMan software to do the backup. There other packages that does backup as well, its your preference.

    I do redundant backups, that is, I backup my Palm to SD on regular schedule, after every sync and at 3AM in the morning. Then, I also have another software that backup the SD card to my PC, just in case the SD goes bad.

    So far, I have been lucky, on instances that I installed a bad software from the web, I was able to recover from my SD backup.

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