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    I'm a wee bit confused about whether I need to register my Treo 600. Had to send the first one back because the speaker went out. Now this one is not holding a charge at all and has an intermittent buzzing sound on the receiving end. The guy I dealt with at Palm did not tell me that I needed to do this -- I kind of understood that my original Treo serial no. and claim no. followed me until the warranty is out. Do I just call them, tell them the problem and give the original claim no.? Also, has anyone had experience with sending one back for repair under warranty as opposed to having it replaced? I regret giving up my original with the Handspring logo -- I love this damn phone.
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    You call them back based on original claim because the replacement T600 is defective. They will ask you for current phone info anyway. This should not be an issue.
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    I personally register my replacements on the palmOne web site just in case...

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