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    I have not, in all my years of using Palms, downloaded an application to put onto the PDA that was not presented to me as a single file - until now.

    Tell me, when I get a zipped folder onto my desktop - what of the files do I take into the install tool? Is it just the .prc file at the top of the list? My interpretation of the instruction book says this.. if I am correct, then how does the .prc file pick up the other files in the zipped folder?

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    What are the other files in the zip file? It could be they don't need to be installed on your Palm at all (for example, they could be files related to the manual, or source files).
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    OK - I see the logic in this. Lets take a folder I downloaded following an earlier thread where Alex Matthews suggested Skinner might get rid of the logos and favourites preset by a phone company prior to the Treo being unlocked.
    this file contains:
    Skinner desktop.exe
    Essential pdb
    and a few others with .pdb.

    Surely all these files less the manual and registration are needed? No?

    Also last night, I downloaded Big Clock and find that only half of it is working - page one. Page 2 just blanks out, so I wonder if i have left some file out...?
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    Typically the only files that can be installed on a Palm device by the Palm Install Tool are those with the following extensions:

    .prc --> These are typically program files
    .pdb --> These are typically data (or database) files.

    Some complex programs include multiple .prc's and multiple .pdb's. As an example, I use a GPS/MAP program called Mapopolis. It has a main program (mapopolis.prc), and then has additional .prc's to add extra support for certain devices.

    Mapopolis also uses maps and a speech database, which are installed as .PDB files (some as large as 3 Meg).

    So, to answer our original question, typically you install any .prc and .pdb files in the zip file. However, you should read the docs in the zipfile, becuase often times additional .prc's only provide support for specific devices and my cause a program to run oncorrectly if installed on the wrong device.

    Hope this helps...

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    Just about every software zip folder have a readme.txt file.
    If you read this first then in there under installation, it will state which files need to be installed and which don't.

    I always wonder why some programs add so many unneccessary files (take for example ZLauncher...I think it beats the rest of the programs where excess files are concerned).

    Hope this helps...
    Good luck with your future installations
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    ZLauncher also beats the rest in terms of the sheer quantity of configurable items. Quite the information overload for $12!
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    In the case of the Skinner example, the files such as XP.prc are themes. Since Skinner is a theme management tool, it makes sense that it would come with a few themes to try out.

    Many programs often include sample data or support files. Whether or not all the files need to be installed really depends on whether the files are examples/sample data or are actually extensions of the program. If there it isn't obvious based on the names of the files, then the manual should shed some light. Failing that, contact the developer/seller of the program. After they get a few hundred e-mails showing confusion on how to install their product, they may get the hint that they need to improve their documentation.
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    Thanks everyone - the snippets of info were useful ( and I take the point about using the readme file...)

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