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    I don't send too much email from the treo but I just noticed this after using the treo600 for 6 months. Does anybody have any suggestions to why sent email from my treo600 remains in the outbox and does not get delivered until I open up Outlook 2003 on my laptop? I'm using BC with my corporate exchange server. Is this a limitation with the BC and Treo600? I receive emails with no problem. I even receive SMS alerts with no problem.
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    I'm not sure if I understand exactly what you are asking but I'll try. I also use BC and Outlook 2003 with corporate exchange server. The SMS alerts are sent over the cellular network and are not connected to BC, so the fact that you are getting them is independant of BC. When you synch BC with Outlook it merely retrieves copies of the email in your InBox in Outlook to the InBox in BC; and also uploads anything you have composed on your Treo in BC from its Outbox to the Outbox in Outlook. Your Outlook will then send the "Treo-composed" email the next time it synchs with your corporate Exchange server. If you have your Calendar and Contacts synching, those will be done at the same time the email is synched.

    Not sure if this answers your question, hope it helps.
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    here's more details to my problem;

    1. I compose an email addressed to myself from my treo600 device
    2. I'm hoping that in a few minutes I will get an SMS alert indicating that new mail as arrived so that I could sync with the corporate exchange server.
    3. the new sms alert never arrives
    4. I open up my Outlook 2003 on my laptop
    5. I notice that the email I sent from my treo600 device is in the Outbox folder in Outlook 2003.
    6. A few minutes later, Outlook 2003 will then send out the email.

    Is what I describe above with the treo600 using BC and Outlook 2003? Or is this only possible with the Blackberry. Again, I receive email without any problems but this little problem is causing me headaches. Thanks for your help. Sorry for the late response back.
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    Did you ever get a response to this?

    I can send NO mail from my Treo 600. I am not using BC. I have a pop3 acct w/earthlink. It recieves mail fine. The outbound smtp is set to "". It will send NO email.

    Please help. This is costing me quite a bit of jack.

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    AirBus jas:

    I use to send email. I have no problems in either the built-in email program or SnapperMail.

    Are you sure that you have the correct username and password setup for Outgoing mail on the Advanced Tab of the Edit Account dialog in the built-in Mail?
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    If it works like basejet, your problem is that Outlook doesn't send mail dropped into it when it isn't running.

    Just leave your outlook running on your desktop and minimized. Make sure it is set to do a send/receive every 5 minutes or something and you should be ok
    Mark F Chinsky
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    My setup is that I have two laptops; laptop #1 is used for business connect to be connected to our corporate network so that i could receive email on my T600. laptop #2 is used for all my work related stuff. laptop #2 is also used when I go on business trips or when I used it at home. If I take your suggestion and leave outlook running on laptop#1, will this cause any contention or corruption of outlook exchange database, if I open outlook on laptop#2? Maybe I will save my current outlook exchange database in a different directory and give this a try. I will let you know how this works out.
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    I had the same trouble, check the outlook send and rec settings , have them set at send/rec every 5mins.

    Like Mulcher said try:

    (tab) Mail setup
    Send and recieve
    Make sure Box is checked for schedule send and rec every 5mins

    I hope it works.
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    The beauty of Exchange is that it is true synchronization. You can have outlook on as many pc's as you wan't and whatever you do on one, will be identical on the others. I have about 3 different computers with outlook all pointed to the same exchange inbox/folder with bulletproof performance. Outlook 2003 is 10x better than previous version due to cached mode synchronization
    Mark F Chinsky
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airbus_jas
    I have a pop3 acct w/earthlink. It recieves mail fine. The outbound smtp is set to "". It will send NO email.

    I have earthlink and a school account that I use with snappermail and I dont have any probs. Make sure that your user name is your email addy
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