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    I had a Sprint Treo 600. I just got a Verizon Treo 600 and I noticed that the screen on the Verizon Treo is MUCH DIMMER.

    I think that the Verizon model uses a trasflective display and the Sprint model uses a active matrix display. (or I have a defective unit.)

    Is this normal? Does anyone else notice this difference?

    I would appreciate any help.



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    How old was your Sprint model? It might not be Sprint vs. Verizon, but "old Treo" vs. "New Treo" - there have been several reports of the new screens not being as crisp, or being a little blue-shifted, as compared to the old ones.
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    I have a sprint treo and I just received 3 verizon treos this week for me and my co-workers , 2 of the screens are dull , and 1 screen is bright just like my sprint treo. I think they just screwed up some of the screens during manufacturing.

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