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    Wouldn't it be nice to have an option to disable Keyguard when the Treo 600 is in its cradle? Dont' need it then. This way, you can use the apps and not have to press center button each time. This is especially usefull if you use the Treo as an alarm clock and just want to hit snooze without hitting an extra button.

    Does anyone know of a utility out there to disable Keyguard in cradle? It sounds like a simple option they could have included in the o/s.
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    If you don't want your Treo to be always on while in the cradle, but just want Keyguard to be disabled, you can use one of those Profile Managing apps like Profiles or Profiler and create a profile with Keyguard off. Much easier to switch on and off than going to System Prefs.
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    These work-arounds are okay, but I don't see why Palm or someone else hasn't written a simple app to detect when the unit is in the cradle and then offer some 'in-cradle' options like: disable/enable keyguard, leave screen on, run an app, etc, etc.

    I'm not a programmer, but seems simple enough..

    Anyone up to the task?


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