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    I just purchased a Treo 600 from Sprint, including the Business Connection Online Personal Edition. The program works as promised, syncing my emails with my Treo, however the application itself doesn't seem to be very powerful. For example, it doesn't render HTML very well, I can't seem to copy text from emails forwarding/editing them, etc.

    Which email alternatives will allow me to similarly synch with Outlook on my desktop, rather than connecting to a POP3/IMAP server? Versamail seems to be one alternative. Are their others? Which one is best?

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    Visto MessageXpress is pretty good. I was going to recommend Seven, but they make the one that Sprint Uses. Honestly, Seven's solution is the best I've used.

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    If you sync to an IMAP server you are essentially syncing with Outlook on your desktop since changes in either place will be reflected in all places. I personally use SnapperMail 2.0 beta with TreoHelper to autodownload when new mail is received between certain times of the day per folder.
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    try sound pix

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