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    The Treo is on ATT.
    I can automaticly roam to Cingular
    When I attempt a manual network registration to Cingular, the unit locks up while attempting to register and requires a soft reset.

    I would expect the behaviour to be the same as any other GSM phone, where it would register on Cingular for a short time and then revert back to ATT. Firmware is at current rev.

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    ATT and Cingular are in the middle of merging their networks - I suspect there are some oddities going on with the network now. I have occasionally seen ATT on my Cingular SIM account recently. I never used to see it but if I manually try to register to ATT, it fails. Friends of mine on ATT are starting to be able to 'roam' into Cingular.

    I suggest you simply let automatic mode decide on the network. When your phone is allowed onto Cingular is totally up to the current rules assined to the network segment you are on - if they allow your MCC/MNC pair to work thru Cingular in that given location, fine otherwise you will be on ATT.

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