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    I'm interested in getting the group's opinion on the available GPS devices that might be used with the Treo 600. Which ones, if any are members of the group using? Which mapping software are you using? I searched the archives and found nothing on 'Treo 600 and GPS'. TIA
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    Welcome to the board. Do a search for "etrex" or "mouse gps" or "mapopolis". You'll get a ton of results. I'm going to try out the etrex myself this weekend.
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    Try an advanced search. Choose the T600 forum in the dropdown, and only GPS as the keyword. You'll probably get less "noise" in the search if you pick titles only. There are at least a dozen postings. No need to include Treo 600 in your search since this forum should be all about the T600.

    I've been playing with the bundle provided by

    $185.95 at the moment.

    The receiver works fine. Wish it had an option to run off battery so I could carry it around. It only runs off the car power. Fast lock in with the satellites though.

    It came with mapopolis. The functionality is great. The interface is a bit rough, but I'm spoiled by using Garmin products, like the StreetPilot. I keep the Garmin in my car, but wanted an easy to carry receiver for the Treo that I could bring with me on business trips, so I'll probably stick with this for the time being, unless I see something with an interface that really stands out.

    Once maps are in RAM, the routing is really fast with Mapopolis. The beta that's on their site does have more support for maps on the sdCard, but that's slower and the beta has been prone to crashing unless you start with a freshly formatted card that doesn't have anything but maps on it.
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    Go to Treo General Chat where several threads discuss gps and the treo.

    I'd give you the link, but I'm waiting in the dentist's office and posting from my treo.
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    I have been following the thread intently. I can't afford the GPS yet, but I am all but drooling.

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