To start with, let me re-iterate that I am only interested in the experiences of GSM users because CDMA users won't have this issue because of the wave modulation properties

First off, I don't need to hear from anybody on Sprint or Verizon. That said, I want to hear from people using GSM handsets only, whcih is why I posted here and not at T|C.

Okay, I am having one hell of a time finding a great headset for the GSM Treo.

I tried the Shure Quietspot and the person on the other end gets a horrible buzz. Its not the buzz that NoBackup made a fix for and Xiao illustrated, its a different buzz.

So, now I have The Boom. Fabulous headset. It lives up to its motto "whisper and be heard" it works....but it has the same outgoing buzz!!!! It seems as though the microphone on the headsets are picking up the GSM signal and it distorts the outgoing sound ... this sucks . Again, the outgoing sound quality is fine from the handset, its only from the microphone that there is an issue when using The Boom and the Quietspot

Okay, so please, if people have had The Boom, or the quietspot and have NOT had this outgoing sound issue please help me out her....I'm dying...I ride public transportation alot and the included headset just isn't cutting it!