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    Verizon Treo User (as soon as it arrives) and First Time Posting

    I tried to enter the right search terms to find a thread with this answer, but I didn't seem to get the right combo so here is my question:

    I own a small car dealership and I am a dealer with When I want to list a car I enter all the data via IE and then I UPLOAD the photo of the car by clicking on a 'browse' button on the webpage. Will any of the Palm browsers allow me to do a 'browse' (like IE) for the photo of the car if I have just taken it with the Treo and it is stored on the Treo's internal memory or the SD Card?

    I know the Treo can send files as attachments and such, however, Autotrader is set up to only allow you to send pics this way (thru the browser). If I could do this it would allow me to save a trip to the office and transferring files over a Hotsync.

    Thanks in advance
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    I upload using's browse button. I use the Treo 600's blazer for internet and take the pictures from the SD card's launcher directory.
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