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    I have an odd problem. I am using a USB/Charge cable from miniSync. When it is connected to my laptop (Gateway) USB port, sometimes, usually during hotsync or when using PDANET, I get continuous battery charge on/off "blinging" sound. And, I can see the lighting bolt near the battery going on/off as if I was disconnecting/reconnecting the cable.

    Only seems to do it when the PC is comminicating with the Treo600.

    Any ideas on this one?


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    I get the same thing. I think I have tracked it down to when it is drawing the most current. I notice mostly when I am charging a low battery (<50%). The lower the battery the higher the current used to charge it. I think the USB current limiting circuit in the computer or AC/DC to USB converter is cutting out. Using the TREO600 also increase power consumption which increase current draw and could cause the same phenomena.
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    Ah, this is starting to make sense now - thanks.

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