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    I discovered the freeware Shortcut5 pref panel allows you to use shortcuts on Treo 600. Those of you who never used Graffiti can ignore this as this relates to the old method or typing a block of text by drawing the shortcut symbol and then using codes like dts or ts to insert a date and time stamp or time stamp respectively.

    I have set up some shortcuts like .late. You can setup shortcuts to type out a big chunk of text and also to do the old ts and dts functions. You simply define the shortcut and give it a name like zz. To invoke it you type .zz in any text field to see the text replaced by the shortcut defined text. You can use @@dts to perform the old time stamp feature. It's all detailed in the Info button help in the app itself.

    Some of the odd things you can do include a shortcut to open a hard button application. the shortcut would simply contain @@h1 to launc the phone. You could set this to .p. To launch the phone, you simply type .p from any text field. This may seem like one more press than hitting the phone button but if you combine this with the amazing JuneFabrics pdaReach, it may be the easiest way to jump to the phone app via PC keyboard.


    This app could probably be extended to do some odd and useful wireless things. E.g. imagine if an inbound text message could cause a macro event to happen. You could have an inbound text also play a given tune in the MIDI synth or trigger an LED action.
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