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    I don't mean to start a negative thread but I'm curious. Everyone do a ##377 (Sprint), *#377 or #*377 (GSM) and post your most recent crash.

    Mine: 7/22/04, SMS
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    5/23/04, "Email Sync Task"
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    "Unknown application" Emul68kCommon.c, Line 1594, Index out of range

    Emul68k is the layer of code to run older apps on the Palm OS 5 OMAP processors. It was some little app that I downloaded from PalmGear.

    GSM Treo 600
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    7/12/04 at 8:52 am running "<unknown application>"
    Fatal Exception
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    &/21/04 at 9:26 pm while running "Web"
    Fatal exception
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    7/10/04, 6:34pm

    Dir Assist, MemoryMgr.c, Line 3635, NULL handle
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    Uninstall 7/21/04 MemoryMgr.c, Line:3654, Free handle
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    what do all these line numbers and handles mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottUrman
    5/23/04, "Email Sync Task"
    wow, been a while since your last crash eh. you need to crash soon! lol
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    7/22/04 while running "MMPlayer"
    Field.c, Line:7043, Memory reallocation error
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    A reset was caused on 7/22/04 at 7:33 am while running "Phone":
    HALRadioOmap.c, Line: 300, Host wake not asserted in time

    This happens a lot and I don't get why. It happens when I try to turn on the radio sometimes. Maybe it's something to do with the profile radio control programs or something.
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    "No System errors recorded in log." I guess because this is a new phone just a few days old a replacement (my 3rd since october of 2003) but I bet if i try it in a month there will be an error in there. I LOVE MY TReO.
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    7/22/04 6:49pm while running "unknown application" preferences.c, Line 271 Pref DB Open Error

    I always get shut down
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    A crash occurred on 7/14/04 at 22:13 while running "Phone": Event68K.c, Line:647, EventTo68K data not processed, event: 1024

    I'm amazed it's been over a week.
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    A reset was caused on 7/21/2004 at 7:55pm while running "<unknown application>": Fatal Exception.

    I had installed Applock that was free from PalmGear. Caused me problems when I cannot enter the right password. Deleted that app.
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    Here's my newest one

    7/22/04 6:53pm while running "Pictures" DataMgr.C,Line:6341 Invalid unique ID passed

    Decoded=trying to delete a picture that was locked?? So you reset my phone?
    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    7/22/04 "Warfare Incorporated": Fatal Exception.

    The awesome sound and graphics was just too much for the Treo!
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    7/22/04 7:20 pm
    <unknown application>
    Fatal Exception

    Also, I get:
    Fatal Exception"
    quite frequently.

    I've considered putting ##377 on speed dial!
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    "A crash occurred on 31/5/04 at 18:27 while running "Daedalus 3D": Error loading sprite file d3d058."

    This isn't the last _hard_ reset which happened yesterday for which there is no explanation.
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    23/7/4 12:12 running datebk5

    only crashed a couple of mins ago
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