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    7/7/04 while running "<unkown applicaion>"
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    A crash occured on 04.7.22 at 19:30 while running "Phone":

    Fatal Exception

    Well I'll be darned. I love my Treo nonetheless.
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    A reset was caused on 22/7/04 at 7:48 am while running "ZLauncher": Fatal Exception.

    Most common crash on my Treo, but I like ZLauncher and plan to stick with it.
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    7/14/04 at 10:51 am while running "Camera"
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    A crash occurred on 7/23/04 at 3:57 pm while running "Pictures":
    Fatal Exception
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    7/18/04 -- 8:17pm -- MMPlayer

    Such an unstable program...

    Before I installed that, I think my phone had only crashed like 5-6 times in about 6 months of ownership. Pretty damn good if you ask me.
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    7/24/04 running SEVEN

    BTW, Sprint Business Connection and/or SEVEN cause about a daily crash.

    The bad thing is that any alarms on the screen at the time are lost forever.

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    sms kept crashing for the past few days after having installed treo allegro. so i tossed it and haven't had a crash since. too bad, i liked being able to change the LED color.
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    treo helper was crashing my Treo like 10 times a day. I couldn't remember the debug code to figure out what was happening and got rid of the app as soon as I did.
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  11. mal
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    Is there an #*377 or *#377 equivalent for Treo 180. Thanks.
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    22 July - Calendar

    --Strange I'm the only person who mentions Calendar crashing...
    It's happened to me 3 or 4 times - I think each time has been when tapping the scroll up/down arrows at the bottom right of the day view. Only 3rd party app I have that could possibly be related is Profiles 0.18, so I am thinking it might be an inherent problem with Calendar. But if no-one else is mentioning it I guess it must be me!

    Anyone fancy writing an app for the Treo & other smartphones that sends the error details to palmsource on reboot? I think they'd love to get that kind of real-life usage info to help them find & prioritise the most common problems. Could either email or SMS or HTTP the info to them.... Of course we'd need their co-operation first!
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    ya, it's just you but great idea about the error detail to palm.
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    The only app that crashes is the Phone app. I think it's due to a patched button skin and the new Sprint 1.2 firmware. And it only happens when I change time zones...

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    Today, MovieRec, Taipan
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    04.7.29 at 20:44 while running "Security": Fatal Exception
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    #*377 translates to #*ERR !!!

    Shoulda figured ...

    Currently showing

    "A reset was caused on
    7/30/04 at 12:03 am
    while running 'Phone':

    Fatal Exception"

    I'm thinking I'm going to remove TreoButler for a few days and see if stability improves. Seems to have gotten a bit better now that I've removed Snapper.
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    7/29/04 at 4:01 PM while running "FAUtil"

    I have been trying to uninstall it - it migrated over from my Prism on my first sync and i have been unable to delete it. It looks like i may need to install a few other FA items before being able to do so. Fun.
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    A crash occurred on 7/27/04 at 9:01 am whle running "Phone": HALRadioOmap.c Line:300, Host wake not asserted in time.

    Like other's have indicated, this only started happening after installing one of the profile programs... And I only installed one because of the silly "wake up the phone at 3:30 am and keep the display on forever after if plugged into the charger" issue.
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    So - what happens when it crashes and... what do you need to do to get it back to full operation?
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