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    After I check my mail, just as I see the "Finishing" screen, my Treo resets. Same thing happens if I try to "edit" my Mail accounts. I have a "new" p1-branded Sprint version (only 2 months old, a replacement, but new -- not refurb). I've already tried deleting 3rd party apps one by one, to no avail.

    When I ##377 for the error msg, it says "A reset was caused...while running "Mail": MemoryMgr.c, Line 3635, NULL handle" Any idea where that's coming from? All forum searches on that msg with Mail as the culprit seem to relate to much older Treos (300, 270, etc.)
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    Delete the account and set it up again. This should solve the issue at the cost of losing some old mails.
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    Tried that, too -- but you can't delete all EM accts (I only have 2 set up), and when I go to "edit" the primary account, I get a reset with that same error number/message....Any other ideas?

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