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    Could anyone report whether they have had trouble receiving calls in Europe.
    I am a US TMobile subscr with a 600. I found that when I was in Germany, UK, and Switzerland this month I could only sporadically receive calls, some from my colleagues travelling with me.

    This in spite of showing good signal and making outgoing calls. TMobile support suggested setting the network to the 850-1800 setting instead of auto--same result. Back in the US T-Mobile says they cannot help me as now since I am back they cannot troubleshoot.

    thanks, wwatdav
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    I travel to Germany and the UK frequently. I have not missed a call, and my e-mail works flawlessly. The "auto" band feature works very well.

    I also have T-Mobile.

    best of luck
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    My firm uses TMobile, and I'm desperate to upgrade my Palm from a 515 to Treo 600. What has been the consensus as the best plan to get from TMobile. My plan is to use the email service quite extensively for work, as well as the phone - with national long distance services. Any thoughts?
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    I used to be a T-MO customer (now with Sprint) and I used it once on a trip to London. Worked very well - calls and text messages came through perfectly.

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