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  • Seidio FM Transmitter + Treo 600 + T600 Vehicle Charger = Clean Sound

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  • Seidio FM Transmitter + Treo 600 + T600 Vehicle Charger = Hum and Noise

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    I recently purchased Seidio's FM transmitter and have been very disappointed with it's performance in conjunction with my Treo 600 and vehicle charger.

    When my Treo is charging it emits a lound hum through the transmitter. I spoke with Seidio and they tell me that I need a ground loop isolator to make it work. (This I learned here.)

    But they tell me that this is rare, and that not every system needs one. So... if you have a Seidio FM transmitter and use it with your Treo while your Treo is charging, please let me know how it's going....

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    Any further info on this issue?

    I'm strongly considering on buying the FM transmiter from Seido. Does it only happen while cahrging? I also would like to know about the transmiter advertised to work at home, but without any way to make it work without DC power. Should I actually buy 3 things to get it to work on AC and DC: the actual FM thing, the isolator thing and another unspecified thing to plug it to AC wall power?

    Thanks for any inshigts.
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    why is the poll closed ?
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    actually my FM transmitter works very well without charging for music
    when charging there are interferences with power (much less with ground loop isolator)
    when using for a call (GSM) interferences are very high : no solution yet
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    Hi there fortim, would you post one of your great reviews about the iSound? Would you authorize me in ICQ so I can chat a little about Seidios products before making that "huge step" of actually buying the tings?

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    hi alex
    i didn't maid any reviews of FM transmitter (and of G2500) because i'm experiencing some problems with them and i'd like to get fully working devices to make reviews
    i'm talking with Seidio about these problems and i hope they'll be solved soon
    about ICQ : i'm sorry if i didn't allowed you : this is because i use chatopus and when someone adds me i receive a message with only icq number 123456789@.... so i don't know who it is and i always deny because of spam (i think about 80% of users i denied were spam) : so tell me your UIN and i'll add you

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    I sent you a PM in this forum with my ICQ number, thanks for being so kind Fortin.

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