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    I have had my t600 less than 24 hours and I am really mesmerized by it but I am a little frustrated with the keyboard and just had a problem with setting up voicemail.

    I just followed the prompts to setup voicemail and when I put in my numbers it kept registering the wrong numbers. Part of of this may have been due to my neophyte thumb typing skills but I almost certain that I pressed the correct numbers on one pass and it played back different numbers. And then I accidentally confirmed the wrong set of numbers. So now my passcode is set and I don't know what it is. I would really like to have no passcode. Please advise on how I can set this up or at least how to change my current passcode.

    I don't know if I am going to adjust to this thumbboard. I consider my thumb to be medium-sized and it must cover at least 4 keys. Tell me it gets better. Thanks in advance.
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    Well if you don't know the passcode you may have to contact the provider and ask them to reset the passcode for your voicemail.

    Two things to remember. You can either use the thumboard for dialing or dial right on the screen. Also, the numbers you dial will be displayed along the top of the screen as you push them so that will give you a visual confirmation of what your "hitting".

    I've got huge hands and have been a long time Palm'er using Graffiti and didn't initially think that I'd like the I don't think I'd give it up. So you ask does it get better, in my opinion, yes.
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    Thanks, Moose Man. During the set up I tried to press the icon for the dialpad on the screen but it said touchpad locked. The touchpad worked fine in other places though (e.g. To/Do).

    Once I get my passcode, is there someway I can overide the need to put in a passcode each time?

    I'll be patient with the thumboard. Do most people use one or two thumbs when typing?

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