View Poll Results: Which Vaja i-Volution colour combination should I get?

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  • White-Latte

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  • White-Gray

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  • White-Sapphire

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  • Latte-Maiz

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    Okay, there are four Vaja colour combinations that I like (well first obvious choice for me was Orange-Gray but unfortunately it was removed from PalmStore's list... I have a $60 CAD gift certificate for PS so that's why I'm getting the Vaja there) but I can't seem to choose!

    So I'm letting you all decide which one I should get via this poll! Hurry and vote!
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    I went black-on-black because it made the Treo look sleek. I also liked the sapphire-on-black as well, I thought that looked sharp.

    I'd avoid white because if it gets dirty or dusty it will show.
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    if I get white tho it'll go with my car. :P

    Hey u didn't vote!
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    There's no "none of the above" answer!

    The two choices for me were black-on-black or sapphire-on-black. And if I wanted to pay extra and wait longer to have it monogrammed.
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    What did you decide, Donald?
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    White Sapphire. Just thought it was the coolest one for my phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Nguyen
    White Sapphire. Just thought it was the coolest one for my phone.
    Should be beautiful. Let us know whether the lack of any screen tension holding the top sides together is a problem.

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