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    For those of you out there that are not using screen protectors, are you finding that your screens are getting scratched or damaged in any way? I have been using a screen protector since I got my Treo a couple of months ago but hate the look and feel of the protector. I only use it because I am afraid that my screen will get scratched. I am probably being over protective as I only use the stylus or my finger for screen opperations and I always use the leather slide case from Palm to carry the Treo.

    What are people's thoughts and/or experiences?
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    I can't imagine going unprotected (try Boxwaves - no screen distortion) because my Treo is in my pocket at all times, WITHOUT a case. For safety, it's the only thing in that pocket (keys, change, etc are banned).

    Even without carying considerations, writing on the screen will eventually result in a scratch, and if you use Jot or another screen writing program, you'll eventually wear a spot on the screen - look at any well used Palm unit's grafitti area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgibson
    What are people's thoughts and/or experiences?
    I'm not a heavy user and have found that screen protectors are not worth it for me. By the time the screen shows any wear, I'm ready to trade up to another platform. I've had my Treo for a few weeks now with no visibale scratching.

    BTW: Has anyone tried that 'as seen on TV' scratch removal stuff? I've seen the commercials but have not paid enough attention to know the name. They show it being used on scratched eyeglasses. I bet it could be googled if I new the name.... maybe this?

    doesn't sound promising...
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    I've never used screen protectors on any of my other PDA's -- but since this is a smartphone - and pressed up against my face when I'm on a call - I have to continuously clean the screen - which means the danger of scratching is much greater - so I'm getting used to screen protectors - but I don't like them very much.
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    Prior to my Treo, I had a Palm VIIx for several years. I initially used screen protection, but after a couple months I decided to go without it. When I retired my VIIx about a month ago, I looked at the screen and expecially the grafitti area and there was only one noticable scratch. I thought that it held up very well. I am using a screen protector on my Treo now, but since it does not have a grafitti area I will probably go bare after the screen protector wears out.
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    I have had mine since 11/2/2003 and do not use protectors and have not experienced any issues.
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    I use the Boxwave and love it. There is no screen distortion or color/brightness washout at all. Plus, it's got a slightly matte feel, which not only reduces glare but gives a more "paper-like" feel when you use the stylus.

    Plus, at like $15 for a 3 pack, why not make the investment to ensure that you don't damage the screen?
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    After spending a fortune on "mobile" gadgets, I found myself questioning the reason why I spend so much more money on accessories for "protection". The manufacturers of these devices need to make these devices strong enough to withstand the use they were intended for! Problem is, I know manufacturers don't always do this. The Treo 300 was not designed well in terms of looked years old after several months of use, so I was worried about the 600 being just as fragile to cosmetic damage. FORTUNATELY, the Treo 600 has proved to be very tough. I have had mine since October 03 (when they were first released!), and aside from the ESN sticker on back peeling up a touch at the corners, it has no scratches anywhere (not on the plastic, nor on the screen!). I have used no special case, nor screen "protectors" - and it has held through it all. I haven't even really babied it much (only at first). So, thanks to Handspring for getting it right!
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    Handspring definitely got it right with the 600. It feels very solid and doesn't seem cheap at all. That being said, scratches are so easy to come by that I feel better knowing that it's there. I'd rather spend the $15 on a set of screen protectors that I don't even notice are there than on some shareware that doesn't quite do what I'm looking for.

    I am also paying Sprint the extra $4 a month for the replacement program as well. And I've never purchased a case for a phone before but made sure I had the I-volution before the Treo went into heavy usage. I guess it's just to make sure mine looks mint for the eBay pics when the Ace comes out.
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    Being used as a phone as well as a PDA, I wouldn't use the Treo without a screen protector. I really hate the anti-glare ones since they take a small sharp glare and turn it into a large milkly glare. I've tried lots of different ones and use to prefer the one that slip under the edges but found that if water gets under them when you are cleaning the screen you are hosed. The ones that are perfect for me are the Martin Fields overlaps, which are completely clear and lightly stick to the screen. You can get them at .
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    i've tried G2 and boxwave. The G2 isn't a good idea if you carry your treo in you pockets since dirt gets under them and makes more scratches than you'd ever have. Boxwave on the other hand does a perfect job of keepin the screen scratch-free, and as mentionned above, i also like the paper-like feeling it gives.
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    Ever since my Qualcomm pdQ screen (especially the graffiti area) got all scratched up by the stylus I have never touched the screen of any of my subsequent pdaphones (6035, Treo 300, 7135, Treo 600) without first applying a screen protector. That is always the first thing I do when I take my new toy out of the box

    I currently use Strong Engineering's screen protectors.
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    Sometimes my small children play games or use the drawing programs on my Treo 600. I tell them to be careful, but my screen protector gives me peace of mind to let them have some fun on the Treo.
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    I also use a screen protector on my T600 - the ones from TC, 3 for $15. No case and the thing is in my pocket (without keys, coins, etc.). IMHO, the display is not compromised with the protector on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassplayer
    I know this is OT, but I gotta say...
    Heberman, that avatar cracks me up every time I see it.
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    my screen protector gets very dirty, and i was wondering can you clean it anyway?
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    Have you taken off your screen protector to wash it with mild hand soap and water? Please don't do it with it still on your Treo , but it helps to occasionally give it a good cleaning like that. But I only suggest this for the screen protectors that you know that can be washed and reused.

    And for the masses - last week we just released ClearTouch Crystal which is available for the Treo 600. It's been designed to retain the clarity of your 600, just the way you like it. So check it out. Let me know what you guys think if you already have it.

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    I am of 2 minds with screen protectors but found that under normal use the Treo doesn't require it but........I like to play games on my Treo while travelling to and from work on the trains. This requires constant use of the stylus to a degree that when using screen protectors I see obvious damage to them. I would hate to think what my constant game playing would do to a bare Treo screen.

    I now use the screen protectors.
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    I'm real happy with the JAVOedge JAVOscreen protector. It's on my second Treo 600 handset and holding-up like a champ. It was a little hard to get it off the screen to clean and place on the new unit, but I eventually got it taken care of.
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    I didn't really care for the screen protectors when I tried them. My favorite solution is to keep it bare and protect it with a sunglass cloth bag when it's in my pocket. The bag doubles as a cleaning cloth for lenses, so it is scratch resistant. I did a search online and found this one as an example.
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