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    i love this app. i have it set to pop up w/the phone button. i can't get it to pop up though when the treo's asleep (screen is off). is it possible to get around this?
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    Yes, the old clockpop used to wakeup and shut off when you held the button (which was great the main reason to get this app don't have to turn on the palm to see the time) this was with Palm OS 4 or lower. I have emailed the software creator he claims there is a problem with OS 5 and this feature and he is working on it.
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    bummer. thanks for the update.
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    I am using a Sprint (hardware C), ugraded to 1.2. I have ClockPop5 version 5.0b1, set for the far right power button. It was having problems because of keyguard, but because of a tip (forgot who posted it), I disabled keyguard and use PocketProtector+ (version 1.5) instead.

    Works great. Hold the button to see the time, press the power button twice and the unit powers on normally.

    It takes a little while to get used to the double press timing for power on, but I also use Profeo 600 Lite (v0.9.1), and have it show the splash screen for 1 second on power up. When the splash screen goes away I do a second press & then I'm good to go.

    As a nice feature, the splash screen shows me the status of the speaker switch, so I don't need to use Sound Off anymore to remind me of the speaker switch status.
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    i have it set to the 4th buttun.
    press it once and KG pops up. Press it again and clockpop5 pops up.
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    That is not how the app was originally setup. WIth the power off, you hold the button you have clockpop assigned to, the time pops up on the screen, release the button palm is off again.
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    Hi guys, I have written a ClockPop5 Companion which would bring the Off-Pop feature of this software back to Treo600. I'm looking for testers. If you are interested in, click

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