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    I bought the combo pack from Dan's cellular off of ebay. In it he says it comes with an antenna but does not talk much about it. What kind of antenna is this and how does it work? Any help is appreciated.
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    I think he throws in one of those antenna boosters that do not help in any way with every order. Be careful of Dan's Cellular. He does not keep his promises and also occasionally ships orders with missing items. I am still waiting on some things since October of 2003.
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    That is not good. That is the first I heard of that. Everyone else talks like he has great customer servie. Thanks for the info.
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    Dan is also notorious for saying it shippend and then making you wait a week or so then he says he sending another and it arrives in few days.
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    The thing I didn't like is when I ordered items from him, after I paid, I got some of them, plus a note saying that a batch of cradles were bad, and I'd get my cradles in a week or two. If you don't have them available, you shouldn't sell them.
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    Dimented, many of us get bullied by others for having opinions in here so often we just let it go. My experience with Dans has not been very good and I am maybe 40 miles from his shop.
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    I have heard of the bad experiences, but mine were great. I even talked to him on the phone when to ask about headsets.
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    I've ordered from dan a few times. I did have a small problem on one of my orders but overall I have been satisfied. Considering the savings when ordering from Dan, I cannot complain much about the minor problem I had.
    Overall I think he's a pretty good seller on Ebay, although I think he may be a one man operation which at times might overwhelm him.
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    I just placed my third order with Dan and I've never had a problem with him yet. Plus, his prices are really low.

    I'm not saying he doesn't make mistakes from time to time, obviously from these posts, he has. But I got my products, I got them at a great price and they were the original OEM products and not some third-party knockoff.
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    I've got nothing but good to say about both times I ordered from him.

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