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    I may be dreaming, but as I remember it, my first palm (III) was able to synch with my inbox, i.e. I would synch and my main emails were there. If I responded on my palm they responses would be sent at the next synchronization. Furthermore when I put my palm in the cradle synchronization began automatically.

    I just downloaded a trial of pocketmirrors most expensive product - keysuite with no success.

    Are we going backward? or am I dreaming. If I can synch subfolders with me I think I can eliminate the notebook totally....anyone??
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    Email conduits have not been typically a part of the Palm conduit. You had to have some other program installed in order for it to sync with the inbox of your Outlook mail box. Also, to have the device sync automatically when placed into the hot sync tray - requires some additional software not part of the core system.

    I would suspect that you haven't used the Palm III in some time?

    You can get SnapperMail or other mail software to sync. Keysuite does not have a mail client. There are other programs that can sync the mail portion as well. I prefer Agendus Pro coupled with their Iambic Mail which can also be configured to sync via hotsync or wirelessly. Agendus has some issues at the moment as the mail client is in beta mode but you can view it at
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