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    Does anyone have the Franklin Covey Plan Plus for Outlook software syncing with their Treo 600? I was using it just fine with my old Palm Device and then recently upgraded to the Treo, but now the syncing gives my several error messages and eventually disables the Plan Plus modules. I have unistalled them for now since it just wasn't working. Before I try again, I thought I'd check and see if anyone else uses this software.

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    I've been using it since I got my Treo back in November. I don't remember having any particular issues with getting it to work, but it does have some bugs. Specifically in the Task List application. When creating a new Task, you have to click on the 'details' button before you can enter text... for some reason the keyboard does not work in the list view. Also, every once in a while, Task List items that were updated on the Treo don't carry over into Outlook... at that point I have to perform a sync to overwrite the Treo's Task List information with Outlook's. Not perfect... FC has not updated their software in quite some time.

    Which version of Outlook are you using? Have you reinstalled the FC software on your PC? Have you checked for the latest version?

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