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    The ZL signal bar displays a different metric than the built-in phone app. The built-in displays signal strength while the ZL shows signal quality. There are threads that discuss this in depth...try


    I'm not seeing the incorrect display - can you post a screenshot? Maybe try tweaking the row/column size settings within ZL.
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    Nice work on the Silver and the Blue, I like them both! The signal quality indicator is nice too. I never had that with the Aquawood theme..
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    I don't know how to adjust size of columns or to do a screenshot, but I can try to explain a little better. At teh very top to the right of the signal is a little icon of the treo (I guess) and to the right of that it usually reads "all" on my page that has all of the apps/etc. Without the signal icon it shows up entirely, but now with the signal icon it is pushed over to the right so only most of the treo icon shows and part is cut off to the right of the screen and the word "all" is entirely off the right of the screen. I don't think it is a column size issue, because it is the "top bar". Right now on the tope I have some icon on the left that brings up the pop up menu, then the time, then the icon showing battery percentage, then the card percenage icon, then the amount of megs on the card, then the signal you added, then that icon that is now pushed off to the side. Does that help?
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    That does help - basically the issue is that ZL can't display all of the icons you have checked off to display on the top bar. Six right? - time, battery%, Card%, Mem, signal, category.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think this has anything to do with themes (do you get the same effect with others?), rather it may be with the way ZL handles too many icons in not enough space.
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