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    Hi, I just got my treo 600 a few days ago, I have been using klondike at work when im bored and the all of a sudden every time I try to start it up it does a soft reset. Anyone know why? is it just screwing up because of another program? Should i delete it and reinstall or what , any help would be appreciated.
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    did you upgrade your ROM/firmware?
    Delete it, install from your CD, then when you run it again, go to the menu and use the check for update
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    where is the check for update?
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    Are you using version 2.2t which is specifically for the Treo 600?

    If that doesn't help, you should re-install as mentioned above and described here on the PalmOne site:,CASE=6792

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    I had this happen a lot early on in my Treo 600 ownership.

    I don't know how it fixed but I re-installed it about 5 times before it stopped messing up.

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