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    Lately my treo has been acting very weirdly. When I get a low battery and try making calls it will go to dialing and then go to No Service and just cancel the dialing. Sometime it may go through to active for 3 or 4 seconds, then it will drop the call. I put it on the charger and it's ok...... so I thought, but it will do the same thing. This morning I tried making quite a few calls, but they all dropped for like an hour (this is on a full battery). I came back and tried after an hour and it worked. It's also frustrating whenever I try to get a call in and my ringer will just keep ringing without answering the call. I'll have to pull the sd card out to get the music to stop.

    After like the first day of noticing this behavior I added the ERP from Sprint just in case. What do you guys think? I have the software update as well.
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    do a search for "network search" and you can read all abou it. This forum is full of threads about those symptoms. Bottom need a replacement!
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