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    I took notice of a post mentioning Junefabric's new PDAReach. I've been using their PDANet for connecting my laptop to the cloud from airports, lobbys and low-tech hotel rooms, so I'm a believer in their products.
    PDAReach is an instant winner.

    With the Treo connected (and charging) on the USB port, it creates a "virtual copy" of your running Treo on your desk/lap top screen. Full control of the Treo is done via the desktop's keyboard and mouse, and the "virtual" Treo's screen displays what's on the connected Treo (real-time).

    What is it good for?
    Someone calls the Treo, it's an onscreen caller-ID. You can answer and turn on the speakerphone using your mouse and keyboard.
    Typing directly into the Treo from a real keyboard is a relief and cutting and pasting between desktop applications and the Treo becomes a breeze.
    Looking-up a phone number on the "virtual" Treo is much faster and easier than doing so in Outlook.
    You can even position the camera so that you get a live (choppy) video feed onto the screen of the "virtual" Treo (I can see who's sneaking up behind me!).
    I've had it just for just a couple of hours now and will probably find other uses for it.
    Bottom Line- Worth a try and I'm going to buy.
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    whoa trippppy
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    I have to admit, this is a pretty friggin cool app. I love PDA Net and use it as well.
    No more hunching over at the desk operating the treo in it's cradle!
    Also, at work it looks like I"m doing actual work and not playing with my Treo

    I especially like that I now have a way to set up/create bookmarks from the desktop and not from the treo's little keyboard. Just browse to the site in IE, copy the URL, and paste it into the new treo bookmark!
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    now that sounds like an idea taylorh. I can leave my treo in it's cradle an connect to it through my desktop to enter data into it

    /me is going to give that a try

    it activated my norton anti-virus ... aparently it's a malicious script ... works like a charm non the less
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    I think the application is very cool too. I even purchased it. However, I'm not sure it's quite worth it's heftfy price tag. I can't really come up with any super compelling things it'll do.
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    This is amazing - I've been waiting for something like this for a long time - now I just have to figure out what to do with it.
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    Awesome application. Load it today and already love it. A must have for the treo.
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    This is the coolest app I have seen in a while. It allows me to use verichat at work where AOL IM is firewalled and access to any IM is not allowed.... I knew I would find a way around it... The t600 comes to the rescue again.... commence shirking....
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    Wow this thing is awesome!
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    Whoa... cool stuff! Makes it much easier for heavy texting! Thanks for the 411, Bluejay!
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    ugh pc only.
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    VERY nice, but rather expensive.
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    This indeed is an awesome program. I find PalmOS faster to use than Outlook, even though Outlook is more packed full of features. Maybe that's why.

    It's also nice to have it onscreen while working, I don't have to look at my Treo to look at any information.

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    OK, so I swore to myself I wouldn't speculate on the Treo Ace before it actually existed, but here goes.

    I've downloaded the PDAReach demo. It's cool, but not enough for the price . . . yet!

    But if the Ace has bluetooth, and my laptop has bluetooth, it would be great if i can access my phone this way without a wired connection. Leave it in my pocket to look up contacts, schedule new appts. etc.

    But until then, I don't see paying to do what I can do with the Palm Desktop and a HotSync. (But it still looks cool. Try running it and pointing the camera at the PC screen to frame the treo. Treo with in a Treo in a treo in a treo . . .)

    And how about a Sprint Treo skin?
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    What about that Norton Script alert - is PDAReach doing something it shouldn't? Do we trust it?
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    This app is VERY awesome. I will gladly fork over the dough for this app. I don't view it as a novelty either. I spend all day at a laptop & find this very useful for banging out SMS messages and for answering the phone/placing calls. My friends think I'm on speed when I respond to SMS messages now... lol
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    Not to take anything away from this program, it is a great program but like many said the price is a little steep. From investing in the 300 PDAnet, then the 600 PDAnet, and now PDA reach. A slight discount, not much would help smooth over some of your loyal fans. Just my opinion
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    I do not need this appl for anything and yet I use it for everything. It has changed my work style. Yesterday I was tracking the Tour de France on the BBC web site; coverage updated every five minutes. Very long complicated url. Just cut and pasted it into PDAReach, disconnected the Treo and walked out to the deck.
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    I think you can't access the Internet on the Treo while this is running.
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    Does anyone know how you do a tap-and-hold? Zlauncher and other apps use this to allow for another option besisdes launch when you tap (Like a Windows right-click).
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