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    SoundPix products address the entire image lifecycle and lets users embed audio directly into industry standard JPEG images at any step along the way: at image capture, while editing images, or while publishing images in a server-based environment.
    SoundPix desktop application products include SoundPix Plus, SoundPix Mobile and the SoundPix Plugin. For photo portal sites and any business wishing to share sound pictures on the web, SoundPix offers the SoundPix Web Edition. Embedded products include the SoundPix OEM developer's kit and the SoundPix ISV developer's kit.

    SoundPix Plus
    SoundPix Plus is the full featured Windows application that brings a wealth of audio annotation capabilities to you desktop. Purchase it!
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    SoundPix Mobile
    SoundPix Mobile is the first Palm OS application that enables you to add sound to your pictures.. Download it now!
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    SoundPix Web Edition
    Do you communicate using digital an auction site, convey real estate listing information, use images in project management collaboration? SoundPix Web Edition gives you the power to communicate more effectively with digital images. Learn more...

    SoundPix Plug-in
    The free SoundPix Browser (Windows Internet Explorer and Mac's Safari) Plug-in lets you hear sound-enhanced images with a click of a button! Get it now!
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    SoundPix OEM and ISV Developers' kits
    Using the SoundPix Developers' kits, OEM and ISV partners can license and embed SoundPix technology into digital cameras, chip sets, Palm OS and WinCE devices, web sites, and digital imaging software applications.
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    do you know how to set the setting on the server option because it wont let me sent nothing tells me to set server setting again

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