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    ok so maybe not randomly but for some reason sometimes as often as once a day my card becomes undetectable by the treo.

    this can cause an array of problems...

    for example... during my schedule backup at night it doesnt find the card which in turn leaves the screen turned on which in turn drains my battery to death which in turn clears all of that days info before it can by synced which is why i have to leave it plugged into teh dock all night which leads to missed calls.


    for example.. someone calls me lightwave cant find the sound card therefore i have no ringer and i miss calls or it looks for an image thats not there and causes the phone to freak out for video caller id.

    if i pop the card out and then back in in any situation its detected again right away..

    what would cause the phone to spontaneoulsy not detect my sd card!
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    Try another card to see if its you card that is at fault. Cleaning the contacts may help.

    Also it is possible that a program like LightWav is polling for the card presence in the background and causing yur backup software to fail when it does this. Or perhaps a wireless event occurs during your backup which causes LightWav to access the card when it is already busy. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $VFS$ $file$ $system$ $is$ $only$ $capable$ $of$ $one$ $read$/$write$ $stream$ $and$ $your$ $software$ $combo$ $may$ $be$ $breaking$ $the$ $rules$.
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    There are a couple of utilities that I believe will help you detect WHEN (not WHY, unfortunately) the card goes AWOL. Not a perfect solution but at least a way to let you rectify the situation sooner rather than later.

    One utility is called 'CardKeeper' and can be found in the TC Forums.

    The other one is called 'NotifyMe!' by Quickster and can be found in the downloads section at

    Sorry for the lack of direct URLs...

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    I've noticed the same thing (though not as often as you describe).

    I think I've realized this always happens when I reset my device while the card is in the treo. After a reset I have to remove and reinsert the card for the treo to see it.

    Do you have to reset your treo very often?
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    Same thing happens to me notify does not alert me and i dont realize the card is not being read. notify works if the card pops out not on reset.

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    thanks for the help. i guess for now ill just download the app. to answer questions though my phone hardly ever soft resets, it used to happen long before i had Lightwav and i have seen it happen with a brand new SD card and the card i currently use!
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    I have the same thing happen too. I will go to the home screen and pull down the category list and my SD card will not be there. I have to take out the SD card and reinsert to get it to be recognized again. I have not been able to determine hwo or when this happens. Sometimes it is after a reset but this is rare for me. It also just seems to drop off sometimes too. I have not yet tried a different card or cleaning the contacts. It just hasn't been that big of an issue for me - yet....
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    I used to have this problem. Formatting the card with the builtin cardinfo util helped. But, filing down my sd card seems to have completely resolved the problem. It has not happened even once since I filed down the card, several months ago.

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