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    So the doorbell rings and I go tearing up the stairs to catch the FedEx driver before he decides no one is home and leaves with my package. Unfortunately my 600 is in my side case with the strap unsnapped. Of course the Treo falls out and drops 3 feet to the wooden floor.

    Damage: Lower left 1/4 of the screen broken with yellow and blue all over it.

    Thankfully I bought the Sprint $4/month replacement insurance, so for a $35 deductable they're sending me a new (refurb) in 3-5 business days.

    Lessons learned:
    1) If you don't have the insurance and you can get it, do so,
    2) Make sure phone is secured before moving.

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    sorry for that...but was the package important!? =\
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    Someone should create an app that would keep a treo from being dropped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RWerksman
    Someone should create an app that would keep a treo from being dropped.
    Let's raise a bounty for someone to create that app !

    I'm glad the Piel Frama case gives pretty good protection and I usually never have to remove the Treo from the case. I've had several drops, but the case does a very good job of cushioning the fall.
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    I dropped mine while climbing down a small hill at the top of the Grand Canyon...scratched up the face a bit but no screen more bounce though and it would have goen for a looooonnnnggg bad for wearing shorts without pockets that close
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    Any drop at all will degrade the performance of the phone. Buzzing and resets started in mine and I had to have it replaced. It's one of the most expensive bad phones that I have ever owned.
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    get a case for the treo to "wear" (not the ones it can slip in/out of)!
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    I have dropped mine about four times so far and I don't think it has caused any problems. One of the times it reset itself due to the drop.

    I say "I don't think it caused problems" because I am always having quirky behavior, but I think that is due to the large number of hacks and apps I tend to run.


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