Not sure if this is the right forum for this (mods--move as needed), but I am having a recurring problem every time I need to replace my Treo. I have gone through 4 T180s, 2 T270s, and now am on my 2nd T600 (the usual litany of mechanical flaws/failures). I follow the replacement drill exactly:

Hard reset the new Treo.
Set the date/time/time zone and do all the initial setup.
Check and update the firmware.
HotSync old Treo.
HotSync new Treo (I keep all conduits on Synchronize and Backup on Backup).
Boot up and test/check all apps and entries.

Here's the problem...
1) a few old deleted apps seem to reappear.
2) I get a mish-mash of old Address Book entries (some deleted items) and am missing some current ones (the HotSync log sometimes notes them).
3) my To Do list gets duplicated/jumbled.
4) my Blazer browser bookmarks get duplicated/jumbled.
5) my Memos get resorted in a new order.

I routinely use BackupBuddy VFS to my SD card, so I was able to restore some of the key stuff without serious effort (in the future, I am tempted to skip the initial HotSync for a new Treo and just use BBVFS).

Is there some inherent flaw in how records/files get flagged in the HotSync process? I don't think I am doing anything wrong. Any info/advice is appreciated.