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    I am a compulsive MP3 tagger (thank you Music Match Supper Tagging!). I have a collection of over 110GB of MP3's and I take great pains to make sure that the tags (and file names) and complete and in the proper format I've decided on.

    Although I am happy with pocket tunes as my MP3 player for my Treo 600, I wish it had the option to display all of the MP3 tag information, or better yet, let me select what I want to see.

    As it is, the skin I'm using (brushed metal low res) displays the Song title tag and the running time. If I want I can switch to file name mode, or display the artist, title, album and genre, but this setting is almost unreadable.

    One of the biggest things that I want out of an MP3 player is the ability to display the album cover.

    Does anyone know of an MP3 player program (or skin for Pocket Tunes) that diplays (or has the otpion to display the followinig tag info:

    Track Number
    Album cover graphic
    Release Year

    Please help feed my compulsion!
    We'll overcome you using our technology.
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    You can download the skin writer software for ptunes and modify the standard skins to include the info you are looking for including changing the font size. You need to spend some time with the manual to understand how to code it.

    Basically, you would find the code where it says StringSongTitle and change that to StringSongTitleAndComments or StringSongComments depending on your taste.

    You can't to my knowledge display any album art on ptunes and no other one I have seen does this.

    good luck
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    Thanks for the suggestion. That is definitely a start (although I doubt I will find time to do this myself anytime soon...).

    Now if someone would just find a way to display the album graphic (like MusicMatch does), that's what I REALLY want!
    We'll overcome you using our technology.
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    I forgot to mention that you can install and use the hifidelity-lowres skin that comes with Ptunes as well. There is a setting in the menu\general preferences\Show Song list in comment area. If you leave that blank, then the Song Comments (length, genre, etc) show in the song list area when you press the button on the left that looks like a cassette tape.

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