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    I was wondering which of the insurance plans Verizon offers, $3.99 or $4.99 a month, is worth getting? The $1 difference adds coverage for mechanical failures due to manufacturer defects after the basic warranty has expired. I'm not sure how long the original warranty is for the treo, (can someone fill me in?) but I used my Amex card to double it, so I don't think I need it. What are most people getting?
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    I don't know mfg warranty but I do know that 3 phones have died on me in the last 3 years and it cost me a whopping 150$ It's worth it. Not to mention if you got the phone on a discount (449 for the phone, when it retails for 649) than I am not sure what Amex would cover. In other words you would still have to come somewhat out of pocket. Of course I don't use amex so i don't know.

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