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    Of course, "must-have" is subjective, and that's precisely the point.

    I received my VZ Treo 600 yesterday and after having to wait over an hour on the phone to get it activated I up and running. Right off the bat, voice calls are crystal clear as with my now-retired VX6000. One caveat, albeit tiny, I don't receive full bars like VX6000. I get one bar less. Like I said, no biggie.

    There is SO MUCH software out there for Palm OS 5 / T600.

    After doing some routine searches here's what I've found that seem to be must-have type apps. Please feel free to comment, blather, flame, recommend alternatives, etc. I'm ready to burn some cash! Here goes:

    Snappermail. This seems like the de facto standard for email. I will like purchase.

    KeyCAPS 600. Also, a nifty program similar to BB's keyboard functionality

    Arro Launcher and Launcher X. I understand AL is excellent, although I don't know much about LX.

    SoundRec. Also, appears to be a must have for recording voice notes, memos.

    Pocket Tunes. De facto standard for music playback. Question: does it support Apple's AAC format? I've downloaded a bunch of tunes of iTMS.

    I don't know many more must-have apps than this. I'm in the market for the following:
    1) A good officer productivity app - a la Quick Office/Docs to Go. Don't know which one to go with
    2) A reliable alarm clock
    3) Graffiti type program - Diddlebug? GA?

    Final question for all you Mac users. I use Mail, Address Book and iCal primarily. Would it be best for me to a) iSync it all; b) use Palm Desktop PIM; c) use Entourage 2004 (which I do have); or, d) go with 3rd party PIM software.

    Thanks so much in advance. I look forward to making contributions to the forum. This place is a God send.

    I'm a Treo user now!!

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    Ok here's the quick list.

    For a clock, big clock works good and its free.

    I like Softick Card Export, lets you use your t600 SD Card like a thumb drive.

    VeriChat is a great IM manager.

    Kinoma Player for movies etc. i actually bought kinoma producer so i could encode my own movies, i works great and its easy to use. some other people like MMplayer but it crashed my t600 left and right.

    MovieRec lets you record movies w/ sound on your t600

    SoundRec is a must have and FREE.

    Pickem is a handy app for the T600 camera can adjust the compression of the picture and get rid of the blue dots. also has a zoom feature.

    PTunes rocks just started using it love streaming radio from shoutcast!!
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    Welcome to the Treo world

    Snappermail is a popular one, but personally I prefer VersaMail.

    LauncherX is what I'm using right now as well.

    SoundRec is good for a free app, if you have $13 to blow, get mVoice, which is much better. (I'm using SoundRec myself tho).

    The only portable player that supports iTunes music is the iPod. Pocket Tunes is a good one though. Try to find an AAC to OGG convertor, or burn your AAC tracks to CD, then rip it back to the computer in mp3/ogg/wma (version 3 deluxe) format.

    Docs To Go is the better of the two, I got it free with the Tungsten T and upgraded to 6 Premium which added native file support. The one that comes with Treo 600 is a Docs to Go viewer (with nfs) if you don't plan to edit docs on the go.

    Alarm clock, could someone answer that one too? I'm stunned that they did not add an alarm clock to Treo 600 like the standard one on the Tungsten T.

    Graffiti.. trust me when you go keyboard, you will NOT want to go back!

    Also PhoneToolsPro, a very good minutes and data tracker so you can make sure you don't go over your wireless plan each month. At $20, it's pricey but it may save you money in the long run.

    I know a lot of people like TakePhone, I personally can live without it.

    Softick Card Export II, a great alternative to memory card readers.

    MMPlayer, if you want to play videos.

    PDAReach, see and control your Treo 600 from your computer screen when you're at home or work.

    That's about it!
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    BackupMan for backup to SD Card. This puppy has saved my nuggies once a month since I got my T-600. Plus it lets me play around with programs I dont' yet understand. When I get in a jam, restore. Much like a GoBack program on a PC. It all helps me learn quicker, along with the pros on this board.

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    What do you think of RSS on the Treo 600? Is it simpler to just go on the internet using Blazer or Webviewer to find news & info?
    It seems like lots of programs for reading RSS feeds are available: HandRSS, Feedburner, and Mnews (JAVA based).
    Any thoughts?
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    Bob's Alarm is very cheap, has many features, and is updated frequently

    I highly recommend it!!
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    Treo Butler (Hobbyist software) from palmgear - has a decent, excellent basic alarmclock and great general purpose alarm management

    Chatter ( - for Instant Messaging and low-frills imap email client. Depending on how you mail is set up you might ocnsider combining chatter with an imap account at fastmail ( have imap at work but not in a way that chatter instantly works with - but all my mail is forwarded to my (free) fastmail account and chatter picks it up almost immediately

    eReader Pro - Great ebook client for taking lots of books with you on the road. I actually use this a lot, reading on the Treo screen is easy to get used to and very handy.

    DA (Directory Assistant) - fantastic phone number lookup with the ability to look up an address and immediately copy the info to a new contact in your address book. Also tied into mapquest for retreiving driving directions.

    zlauncher - shop this against launcherx. It is cheaper ($12) and more feature rich - but the interface is not as "clean". If you find a nice skin for the Treo please share it, I have yet to find a free on I'm satisfied with.

    Trackerdog - compares the version of your installed apps to known latest versions "out there" and reports items you might want to upgrade.

    filez for file utility (although zlauncher has a good one built in)

    The SplashShopper program that cam w/ the Treo I find really handy, although it took some effort to set up. I've got almost every item we usually buy at the grocery store entered - so as things I need occur to me I have a place to create the list. When I'm ready to shop it creates a list sorted by aisle (makes me much more efficient than I used to be at the store).

    TideTool - Graphs the tide for any (coastal ) location.

    Other Utilities - check out SyncAll (marks all to be backed up), TreoOffOn (controls the wireless radio), AfterSync (comes w/ LauncherX), SoftReset (picks the app or Launcher that runs after a reset)
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    Is there a contacts or contacts management software that would allow me to SMS (the contact) right from the program?
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    TakePhone allows this and has a wealth of other features (Much much better then the Phone app that shipped with Treo) or

    Arrow Launcher which you mentioned(Launcher that allows you to launch contacts to call, email, or SMS. Also can launch mp3s, applications and websites)

    Quote Originally Posted by illustreous
    Is there a contacts or contacts management software that would allow me to SMS (the contact) right from the program?
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    Quote Originally Posted by illustreous
    Is there a contacts or contacts management software that would allow me to SMS (the contact) right from the program?
    I use Agendus Pro 8 and it allows you to phone, email or sms right from the program. It has proven indispensible to me.
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    MegaClock is a great time app with too many features to list...I bought it because I wanted an alarm clock...but I use the stop watch and city time and so many other functions as well now...I don't even touch the Palm clock any more.
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    MSMount is pretty cool. Let's me save precioussss main memory
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    I like the stock Phone app interface. Is there a way to configure the GUI of TakePhone to look similar to it? One of the problems I find with Phone app is that after you've dialed a number the dial pad disappears and if any subsequent numbers are punched they can't be seen. This is especially useful for calling card calls, extensions or your bank (assuming you have to punch in account numbers, prompts, etc.)

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. Thus far, I've downloaded Butler, TakePhone, Directory Assistance and Dibblebug.
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    Any specific advantage to MSMount over ZLauncher in terms of keeping stuff on the card?
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    SOUNDPIX - take pic. attach sound rec ording. email it. pretty slick!

    EPOCRATES - if you perscribe meds, this is great

    VERICHAT - nice im application

    SNAPPERMAIL - smooth email app


    HANDMARK EXPRESS - news, stock, weather, sports, maps, 411 info bundle - pretty good.

    LIGHTWAV - nice ringtone / alarm app

    POCKET TUNES DELUXE - SHOUTCAST - play mp3s and listen to internet radio

    SOUNDREC - voice recorder - very nice!!!

    MOVIEREC - infinityball movie (w sound ) recorder) also very nice!!

    FLYZIP XR - compress unused apps to free up more memory. send apps to
    sd card. expands the treo`s capacity for addiitional software.
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    zLauncher sucks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Nguyen
    zLauncher sucks!
    a lot of people including me love it. make sure you've spent the time to customize it and and find a non-cluttered theme.
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    where do you find pickem and fastmail. I tried the links and they did not work, nor could I find them at Handango
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    I have not seen one person mention the most useful program for use with getting new programs on to the Treo, HandZipper. I most often download new programs from the web directly to my Treo and without handzipper I couldn't unzip the .zip file and install them. If you haven't heard of it, check it out, it's worth it.
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    To the above I would also add...
    Contacts - access the Treo address book via a direct icon rather than the phone screen)
    Lightwav - associate mp3s/wavs as individual ringtones for callers
    SplashID - password protected storage for all your personal information
    Botzam Backup - easily backup and restore to your SD card
    Handpainter Pro - a sketchpad
    Metro - timetables of public transport around the world
    Qset - increase the quality of photos taken with the inbuilt camera

    PS: I believe that Zlauncher is the best launcher, and I've tried them all.
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