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    Fastmail is an IMAP provider. Their us address is



    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd
    where do you find pickem and fastmail. I tried the links and they did not work, nor could I find them at Handango
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    Pickem is available via the site. Go to downloads and look in the Treo Utilities area. The complete link is:
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    For those living in Seattle area SeaTraffic is an useful (and free) app. It shows current traffic conditions on major highways (520, I-90 and I-5).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Nguyen
    Welcome to the Treo world

    Graffiti.. trust me when you go keyboard, you will NOT want to go back!
    Wow, that's a whole thread of debate there

    Switch to graffiti 1 and then load Graffiti Anywhere, then you can use the 1000's of Palm programs that have been written over the years, without complaining that they don't have use of the Treo rocker

    I've also found that OnlyMe is great for locking the Treo.

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    Can anyone please explain the use of this Grafitti app? What does it do?
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    lets you write on the screen like on the old palms instead of using the keyboard
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenada
    Can anyone please explain the use of this Grafitti app? What does it do?
    Graffiti Anywhere, GA, is a free program which allows you to write directly onto the Treo 600 screen. You can therefore input all your info with the pen.

    The built in Graffiti that Palm supply in the Treo 600 is version 2, which does not work too well with GA. Load the original Graffiti 1 over the top of Graffiti 2.

    It's not that difficult, and well worth it if you don't want to use the keys all the time.

    for more details.

    You can get the Graffiti 2 files from :

    And GA from :

    I use Graffiti for 99% of my input, but the keyboard is also useful for some input.

    Others swear by the keyboard only, which is cool too

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    Quote Originally Posted by illustreous
    I like the stock Phone app interface. Is there a way to configure the GUI of TakePhone to look similar to it? One of the problems I find with Phone app is that after you've dialed a number the dial pad disappears and if any subsequent numbers are punched they can't be seen. This is especially useful for calling card calls, extensions or your bank (assuming you have to punch in account numbers, prompts, etc.)

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. Thus far, I've downloaded Butler, TakePhone, Directory Assistance and Dibblebug.
    You don't need TakePhone for that. In the stock phone application, you can get the dial-pad back simply by pressing the Phone button while on the call. It toggles between the phone pad and the active call screen. Once you're on the dial pad screen, any subsequent numbers you press will show up on the screen just as if you're dialing a new number.

    Too easy.
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    I really like Vindigo -- restaurants, museums, many other sites in numerous cities. Also enables you to search by distance from any position and gives directions. I recenlty visited Vancouver, which is not supported, and felt lost.
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    here is my list folks

    blocks -just like tetris is free

    budgetmaster- keep your monthly bill right

    butler- turns off annoeying light alarms and has the command option which works with bugme for a quick pic of the program u are in then u can write on it

    bugme/note- just like a yellow posty

    freejongg-monjongg for free

    handyshopper- shopping list it's free

    happydays- keep track of important days free

    healty- keep track if u eat vegs, water,exercise free

    movierec -make a short movie free

    pacdude- just like pacman free

    splash- all the utilities check them out all good

    verichat-IM for a yr subcription need 2 renew

    invisible -hides all those extra icons u can't get rid of or the ones u don't need 2 see

    agendus pro 8- makes calender better email todo pics for address book etc

    holidaysusa-list of yearly holidays which u can put in datebook at a press of a button free


    keycaps600- no more shift button free

    mlights- dims lights /keyboard ceartin times

    newpen-if u like graffiti free

    treoguard-protects from accidentaly turning on also turns phone off during phone call-----MAKE SURE U ALSO DOWN LOAD NOTCARKIT FOR FREE IS DIFFERENT THEN THE ONE THAT COMES WITH IT U WILL LUV NO MORE LIGHTS ON YOUR HEAD DOWN LOAD BOTH 2 BE SAFE

    powerone-calculater also has for tips i think its free

    skinner-changes the dialpad look and favorites

    today- shows everything for 2day and is free

    treo allegro- is similiar 2 butler but is free

    sorry long list but a good one any questions just email me
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    Here's my mac-centric "What's on my Treo 600" page. Lots of free apps and minimal crashes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virt
    Contacts - access the Treo address book via a direct icon rather than the phone screen
    That's cool. Since it has an Icon, I'm assuming I can assign it to a button, yes?

    What about a Contacts app that allows me to use company sorts? The T600 only supports "FirstName,LastName" or "LastName,FirstName".

    I want the third option that I had with my Palm IV: "CompanyName,LastName,FristName".
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    1. Arrow Launcher
      It's not everyday that someone comes up with a better way. Arrow Launcher allows you to just type into your Treo and matches what you typed to Contacts and Applications, and can even look at your music and bookmarks for a match. This is THE best way to just USE your Treo. Oh, it works well with apps moved to your SD card, and works well with other Launchers - a second press of the "home" button takes you to your default launcher, so you lose nothing. And it's cheap, too!
    2. HandyShopper
      I'm real bad at forgetting things. HandyShopper lets me put everything I need into a list on my Treo, so when I'm at the grocery store, I have it with me... not sitting on the counter in the kitchen. The lists are flexible, it's not just for shopping, but great for task lists, too. And it's FREE.
    3. Chatter IM
      I like to stay connected to my Yahoo!, MSN, and AIM accounts when I travel. Chatter does that. Oh, it does ICQ and IMAP mail, too.
    4. DateBk5
      DateBK is a much better datebook than what the Treo comes with. And it handles Timezones, so when I travel to the other side of the continent, my appointments aren't all three hours off!
    5. Butler
      Butler is a necessity, since sometimes I just don't have time to deal with a Treo alert, and then I forget... Butler reminds me. It can even play MP3s as alarms if you have pTunes. Lots of other features, too, like keyguard, application switcher, etc...

    That's my TOP 5 list of things I can't live without. SnapperMail will probably be on there, once it comes out of Beta. Directory Assistant is very handy, and I use Shadow Plan and Pickem some, too.
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    I have a new treo600; Had a Sony ericson t68i before; I am looking for these features in my treo that my previous phone had
    It showed the time on the screen even in the sleep mode.
    when I traveled, automatically detected the local time even internationally
    In the morning, I used it as an alarm clock
    Had a Bluetooth capability
    Had a voice recognizition capability which was quite handy as I drove
    Had a word recognizition capability that is if I wrote the first letters o a word it would write the whole word
    I might be a bit inexperienced, but how come this 600$ phone does not have any of this simple features? Is it that I don not now haow to use it, or is it that I need to download something?

    I was also told by the salesman at ATT that I could download a Graffiti program to use in my treo 600; where can I do so?

    Can any one guide me or help me with the above

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    This is a "must have" applications:
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