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    What's the best JAVA app on your T600?

    I finally installed the Java client on my Treo, and am eager to see what the best app to run with it is?
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    I've got WebViewer and Emailviewer from Reqwireless software. WebViewer is the Treo 600 specific version, and EmailViewer is the generic java version that I used to use on my old LG5350 cell phone. I almost always use WebViewer for surfing, and EmailViewer is sort of my backup for Sprint's BizConnect.
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    WHAT JAVA? Tried to get this and never would work(good ole Microsoft!). Would like it for chat.
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    I use this on the Treo 600 no problem.
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    how do you like emailviewer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    how do you like emailviewer?
    It works fine. You can do multiple POP, IMAP, Hotmail, Secure POP, or Secure IMAP accounts. (I've only ever used IMAP.) And even though it's called EmailVIEWER you can also send (SMTP). It doesn't do any sort of push or scheduled mail downloads. You manually check each account. But it's come in very handy for me when my Sprint BizConnect isn't working.

    Here's the list of features from the Reqwireless website:

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