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    I found I also had to turn up the "sensitivity" to "thick" in order to get a good balance between these... but in reality the labels on these controls leaves me entirely confused as to what I'm adjusting and why I'd be adjusting this way.
    Mine's set to Very Huge...and I agree

    Also, found out the screen quickset for the 650 is right shift+option (hold down both buttons right shift first)
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    Quote Originally Posted by taroliw
    I'm seeing a fairly odd behavior with BrightCam 0.6.0 on a Treo 650 (GSM, unlocked). Namely, the *keyboard* lighting seems consistent with the current lighting condition...
    Are you saying that this app will variably adjust the keyboard brightness? This would be cool.
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    I have had some issues w myT600 that appear to have started when I installed Brightcam. One issue was the very slow response time switching between apps, a noticeable difference from before installation. The other more disturbing issue is seemingly random lock ups and turn to a completely white screen???? Soft reset brings it back tothe same locked up state. Warm reset fixed it once, Hard resets were necessary to fix it. Anyone else experience this? I have removed Brightcam and so far no lock ups.
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    I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with the speaker making cracking noise after installing brightcam. I thought that the speaker had blown, then I did a hard reset and no more cracking noise, when I re-installed it the noise started again. On that note, is there a way to disable or remove the volume adjustments, I don't need that but I like the screen adjustment.
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    I get the volume crackle but doesn't bother me that much..uncheck any checked boxes on the sound tab to remove the volume boost...
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    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    meant speaker crackle (from my treo)
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    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    Does that actually get rid of the crackle? I ask because if it doesn't that means another hard reset to get rid of it.
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    I tried it again and it still does it no matter what the settings either sound off or on, this is a bug and if it weren't for that I would love it, but that crackle is annoying.
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    Is the developer still working on this product. It works good except for the speaker problem, does anyone know what is happening??
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    Yes, check downloads section for the latest version that supports the Treo 650. Also check out the dev's site at
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    Title says all...
    Cheers, Jean-Francois.
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    I see it is now shareware wereas the old version was "donation ware". I guess not enough people stepped up with support.

    Can registered donators upgrade or must they purchase the new version? Will the old registration codes work?


    BTW, please don't interpret this as a complaint. You have the right to market your product as you see fit and you have certainly contributed much for free.
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    Any word on this being made available for the 755p?
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