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    So I'm cheap and behind the techno curve, but... is there a cable or some other adaptor out there that would let me use the GPS springboard from Magellon with my Treo 600. Seems like a waste to buy another GPS device.
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    No. No Springboards work with the Treo.

    I wish there was a way since I had lots of Springboards during the "Visor Years" .

    I've never seen or heard of a way. Sorry.
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    Technically speaking, it's not impossible to create an adaptor but most likely won't make a profit for all the development testing being that the springboard would just be flopping. Most of those modules pretty much don't make sense now a days anyway. The Treo 600 also has MP3, a memory slot with backup features, don't need a Xircom modem anymore (though 802.11b would be nice), mouse based GPS units.

    Personally, I miss the springboard slot as still to date it has proven to be superior to SDIO but it's dead technology. The only negatives to the springboards were the size but I never really minded. The nice thing about the size was that certain modules added there own power (though they didn't sit flush) so we would have had bluetooth by now.

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